Best Garment Bag for a Fur Coat

Best Garment Bag for a Fur Coat

When storing or transporting your fur coat, you need to consider where it will be stored, how long it’ll be there, what the temperature will be like during this time, etc. With these factors in mind, we have created a list of some of the best garment bags for a fur coat that will help extend the life of your coat and protect your investment.


Best Garment Bag for a Fur Coat

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WallyBags Large Capacity Travel Garment Bag with Pockets
UVAINC Tuva Breathable Fur Coat Garment Bag, 60 Inch, Grey
Luxury Storage Garment Bag for Long Coat, Fur, Mink | 60 Inch + 5 Inch Gusset Cover
SAY HO UM Breathable Long Clear Coat + Fur Storage Garment Bag | 60 Inch + 5 Inch Gusset
Tuva Breathable Fur Coat Garment Bag, 60″ Black, with Handles
Lana’s Fur and Leather Coat Hanger



Best Garment Bag for a Fur Coat



UVAINC Tuva Breathable Cotton Long Dress, Fur Coat or Suit/Tuxedo Garment Bag, 60 Inch, Grey

The UVAINC Tuva Garment Bag (Buy Online) is made from durable but soft cotton so that it won’t damage expensive furs or delicate fabrics while protecting against dust mites and moisture damage during long-term storage.

Keeping your fur coats in good condition is important, but it’s also hard to find the right storage bag. Most garment bags are made of cheap material that will wear out quickly and break down over time. But this isn’t true for all garment bags – the UVAINC Tuva Garment Bag is made with high-quality materials that can last years while still protecting your furs from dust, moisture, and insects.

The UVAINC Tuva breathable cotton fur coat garment bag is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable yet durable way to protect your furs when traveling or storing them at home.

Each bag is made from soft 100% cotton canvas with gusseted sides, and these long storage bags are large enough to hold heavy winter coats with room to spare.

Plus, these garment bags are extremely durable with reinforced stitching throughout so they won’t fall apart after just a few uses like some of the other low-quality garment bags on the market.



Say HO UM Luxury Storage Garment Bag for Long Coat, Fur, Mink, Gown, Vestment and Choir Robe | 60 Inch + 5 Inch Gusset Cover

Say HO UM Luxury Storage Garment Bags (Buy Online) are designed with the modern fashionista in mind. These bags are very durable and spacious enough to store even the longest fur coats without having to worry about them getting damaged.

This garment bag is made of 600 denier polyester, which is a very strong fabric that won’t easily rip or tear. It’s also water-resistant and it has a metal zipper that won’t snag or break. Plus, this garment bag also features two clear windows on both sides that make it easy to see what’s inside at a glance

And the high-quality construction of this garment bag means they will last you through years of use instead of months like some of the cheaper garment bags that aren’t suitable for storing furs and other valuable articles of clothing.



Cotton Foldable Garment Storage Bag | Garment Bags For Travel | Storage Bag for Dresses, Coats, Robes, Furs, Suits

This Cotton Foldable Garment Storage Bag (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for storing any type of clothing item including fur coats, wedding dresses, formal gowns, and more. The extra-long size allows you to store items that measure up to 70″ x 24″. Plus, it’s made with 100% cotton material which makes it breathable and eco-friendly. And with reinforced stitching on all seams, this breathable storage bag is built with longevity in mind.



SAY HO UM Breathable Long Clear Coat + Fur Storage Garment Bag | 60 Inch + 5 Inch Gusset | Mink, Wool, Winter, Trench Coat Cover

The SAY HO UM Breathable Long Clear Coat + Fur Storage Garment Bag (Buy Online) is made from 600D Polyester PU cloth materials making it superior in quality and durability to any PEVA, vinyl, or plastic garment bags.

This premium quality durable long length garment bag will protect your clothes from dust mites, pet dander & mold spores while keeping them fresh and clean for years to come. Plus the large ID card pocket allows you to write down information about what’s inside so there’s no chance of you forgetting or misplacing your fur in storage or transit.



Tuva Breathable Fur Coat & Suit/Dress Garment Bag, 60″ Black, with Handles

Tuva Breathable Storage Bags (Buy Online) are made of high-quality polypropylene material that allows for adequate airflow while protecting your garments from dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. These bags are perfect for storing furs because they keep them clean without causing damage like molding or rotting due to excess moisture buildup within the bag itself.

Plus, Tuva Breathable Garment Bags come in many different sizes so you can find one that’s right for whatever size fur coats you might have.



MISSLO 54″ Narrow Hanging Garment Bags for Storage

The Mislo Hanging Garment Bag (Buy Online) has a large PVC window that lets you see what’s inside without opening the bag, which allows for quick retrieval of needed items. Each pack comes with two dust-proof bags that are made from high-quality material that will last longer than regular plastic garment covers available in stores today.



SLEEPING LAMB 50” Extra Large Clear Hanging Garment Bags for Closet Storage

The Sleeping Lamb’s Extra Large Clear Hanging Garment Bag (Buy Online) is an excellent storage option for furs that will protect them from dust, moisture, pests, and mildew while saving valuable space in your closet at the same time. The breathable fabric allows air circulation so that moisture inside the bag will evaporate quickly with no risk of mold or mildew growth. Plus, these garment covers also come with two full-length zippers which open smoothly making it a breeze to remove items rather than taking the entire cover off from the rack.



Best Fur Coat Hangers



Lana’s Fur and Leather Coat Hanger

Lana’s Fur and Leather Coat Hangers (Buy Online) are built with a thick neck and wide shoulder that easily supports the weight of heavy furs and leather coats. These hangers have been specially designed for the proper storage of fur coats, leather coats, jackets, pants, dresses, etc. And if you are looking for the best solution in terms of safety for your valuable garments Lana’s Fur and Leather Coat Hangers are one the best options on the market.



ZOBER High-Grade Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers

ZOBER High-Grade Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers (Buy Online) are the perfect solution for keeping your expensive coats and jackets looking as good as new. They are crafted from fine-quality wood which has been polished and lacquered. Each hanger features a thick body with a screw reinforced thick crossbar and zinc plated hook to provide superior support of heavy coats, pants & blazers.

These premium quality fur coat hangers will help you protect the investment in your wardrobe by preventing unwanted creases, wrinkles, or stretching that can be caused by inferior quality coat racks made from thin wire that bends easily under the weight of heavy garments.



Can You Store Fur Coats at Home

Yes, you can store fur coats at home, and it’s best to store them in a breathable garment bag at a low temperature.

We recommend hanging them on a rack in your closet on a sturdy hanger for protection against stretching and damage.

Plus, furs should also be stored in sealed garment bags with mothballs as their pungent scent will protect fur coats from a wide range of household pests.



Fur Coat Storage Temperature

A fur coat should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. The cooler the temperature, the longer it will retain its original condition and shape. In most climates, we recommend storing a fur coat at 50 degrees Fahrenheit at 50% humidity.



Cost To Store Fur Coat

How much does it cost to store a fur coat? The cost to store a fur coat ranges from $80 to $90 for climate-controlled, cold storage and up to $150 for additional cleaning, conditioning, and glazing services.